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Discraft Titanium Predator Swirl 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Discraft Titanium Predator Swirl 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Fairway Driver is an overstable disc that it perfect for utility and is one of the most reliable discs you can throw. The swirls are fantastic and pair so well with the shine and shimmer of Titanium plastic.

Predators aren't meant to be thrown for max distance, they're a control disc. With a fade of 4 and 1 for turn, it's very overstable. You can really rip into this disc with either a forehand or backhand and it will fade out at the end. That's one of the reasons it was always in 3X World Champion Nate Doss's bag, he could rely on the predator time after time. It has a glide rating of 4 and is flat topped. It's perfect for headwinds and hyzer shots. It's a 9 speed disc, so anyone can throw it. Newer players will use this for flex shots or skips. Advanced players will find uses for this disc everywhere on the course, even in the woods. For old school players the stability rating is 2.5 which means you'll never flip it.

Titanium plastic is the grippiest blend from Discraft. It's quite durable, but it feels like a floppier ESP plastic. It's a little softer than Z line plastic in the hand so you can press your thumb in a little it harder. It's amazing for those rainy or cold days when you're having trouble getting ahold of your disc.

The Ledgestone Series is a run of discs that helps support the 2021 Ledgestone Open. Since beginning in 2011 the Ledgestone Open has grown into one of the biggest tournaments that offers tens of thousands of dollars in prizes for top players. It's a must stop if you're a touring pro. Some of the money you use to purchase this disc will go back to the Ledgestone Open purse. You get an amazing disc with a sick stamp, and you get to support disc golfers at the same time!

Are you looking for an overstable driver that looks amazing? Something you can rip on and don't have to worry about turnovers? Then this 2021 Ledgestone Discraft Titanium Predator is the perfect disc for you.

Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn 1 | Fade 4 | Stability Rating 2.5

Titanium Plastic

  • Glossy appearance, still great grip.
  • Super durable and reliable
  • Softer than ESP in the hand