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Discmania Distance Driver Disc Golf

Discmania distance drivers are incredibly slim discs designed to cut through the air and deliver maximum distance to players. These discs all have great control and are available in a variety of plastics. They range from stable to overstable and are all high speed discs. These discs are all titled DD and then a number or a letter. The only exception is the Enigma which is part of the evolution line. That's how you know you're throwing a Distance Driver if it's a Discmania disc.

A distance driver is most useful when it's being thrown 300 or more feet. That way a player has time to get the disc up to speed, if a distance driver doesn't get up to speed it will never flip up and instead it will hyzer out quickly. Each of these Discmania discs wants to soar through the air and across the fairway. 

We have multiple stamps of some discs and some are on sale! The stamp doesn't affect the flight in any way so you may get a disc for a little bit less because it's a couple years old.

Some of these drivers are used by Sky Team members Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon they favor the DD3 also known as the Cloudbreaker for their max distance shots. Each of these discs is slightly different and trying each one out is a good tactic to improving your golf game. If you're looking for driver discs with plenty of glide and good reliable fade then check out this collection and find the right disc for you.

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