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MVP Electron Nomad Firm James Conrad Edition Disc Golf Putter

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The Electron Nomad Firm James Conrad Edition is a stable putting putter or long distance approach putter from MVP. It's the hardest baseline plastic and this disc was designed with input from 2021 World Champion James Conrad.

The flight path of the Nomad will be super straight with a soft fade at the end of the flight. For the first 40ish feet if you're putting with this disc just throw it straight at the basket and the fade won't be noticeable. If you're throwing it from a longer distance you can expect a slight hyzer finish. If you're throwing the Nomad you'll love how this 2 speed disc manages to hold a hyzer or anhyzer line. It's a great choice up to 250 feet when you have room for this disc to glide.

Electron plastic is the baseline plastic from MVP and this is the hardest kind of it. The harder plastic versus soft or medium electron allow you to get a slightly better release. This plastic is best known for how grippy it can be with chains, it's the choice of many players from amateur to world champion. You can throw Electron Firm discs for years and they'll beat in and can become turnover specialty discs after a while.

If you're looking for an amazing disc that can be your new putter, a go to straight flying approach disc, and an all around utility shot you've found it! Another cool thing is that some of the money you spend on this disc will make its way back to James Conrad to help him continue touring around the world.. Snag one of these amazing putters today!

Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Electron Plastic

  • Baseline plastic from MVP lowest cost.
  • Very tacky and easy to grip.
  • Beats in well, most understable plastic.
  • Comes in three different stiffness’s.