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Innova Star Aviar3 2022 Eveliina Salonen Tour Series Disc Golf Putter

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The Eveliina Salonen Star Aviar3 from Innova is a flat topped approach disc golf disc. The stamp on this disc features swans, Eveliina's favorite animal. The swan is graceful and elegant in flight and fierce in a fight. While this disc is classified as a putt and approach disc, it's definitely meant for throwing your upshots with. This run of discs is slightly softer in the hand than regular star plastic.

The flight path of the Aviar3 is straight with lower glide and a short finish. This disc is perfect for parking your approach shots from 50-200 feet away. It's excellent for the forehand or backhand, and can be used by anybody. It doesn't have much glide, so the fade on the end of the flight is relatively short. This is a disc you'll see pros on Team Innova throwing when they've got shorter technical shots. Throw the Aviar3 directly at the target and let it hold that straight flying line for most of the flight before checking up inside the circle. It's easy to handle so people who throw a lower speed won't have to worry about it dumping over like many other approach discs. You can throw it fast and hard knowing that it will hold your line.

Star plastic is a premium blend from Innova. It's well known for how grippy it feels, how durable it is, and how it's consistent. It will take a long time to beat in and it's not as overstable as Champion plastic right out of the box. This blend is a little bit softer so players can expect a little extra distance from the glide that this Aviar3 will have.

Not only does this disc have excellent grip, a cool stamp, and will help your short game. It's also the Tour Series disc for Eveliina Salonen. Some of the money you spend on this disc makes it way back to her to support her as she tours the world playing disc golf. You get an excellent disc with a distinctive stamp, you also help out a fellow disc golfer. Snag one of these discs today and get more comfortable with your approaches. More