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MVP Electron Ion Soft Disc Golf Putt & Approach

The MVP Electron Ion Soft Disc Golf Putt & Approach is the putter you've been looking for. It's the putter of choice for 2021 World Champion James Conrad. It's got that soft feel, the grippy plastic you need in a putter. And the bead gives a consistent clean release that will help your game.

The flight path of the Ion is straight. That's why so many players choose this as their putting putter. As a driving or upshot disc you'll find it still flies straight and has significant glide. Within 100 feet the MVP Electron Ion is a deadly accurate disc that you can use to chain short or long putts. It's got a bit of stability, and will have a small tail of fade at the end but you can rely on this disc for your close range shots.

Electron Soft plastic from MVP is super grippy. It's the baseline plastic so it's the least expensive option, but don't let that fool you. The extra grip you get from this plastic makes it well worth it. It's a little more tactile than other baseline plastics like dx or d-line.

The MVP Soft Electron Ion is an amazing putter. It's what most folks are looking for with a beaded disc. It's got reliable stability, a good bead, and awesome grip. So get one of these MVP Soft Electron Ion's today!

Speed 2.5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1.5

Electron Plastic

  • Baseline plastic from MVP lowest cost.
  • Very tacky and easy to grip.
  • Beats in well, most understable plastic.
  • Comes in three different stiffness's.