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DGA Signature Line Blowfly 2 Disc Golf Putter

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The DGA Signature Line Blowfly II is an amazing approach disc. It's floppy, straight flying, and has a beveled edge. This allows it to fly further and faster than the Blowfly 1. It's the perfect disc for when you need to throw 50-250 feet and want the disc to stop where it lands.

The Blowfly II is a straight flying disc. What makes it so special is that all it wants to do is fly flat no matter what angle you release it on. It will flip up to flat and float and glide on the air. While this disc is reliable for backhand throwers, it's difficult for a sidearm toss.

The Signature line plastic from DGA is very floppy. People often compare it to rubber. These discs are PDGA approved and were created by the father of disc golf Steady Ed to help people have better a putt and approach game. When the Blowfly II is in your hand you'll feel that it droops a bit. It's got such great accurate throws that you won't care though. The longevity and durable nature of this putter can't be overstated. It's going to last a long time despite being so forgiving.

If you're looking for a disc perfect for approach shots, one that you can throw a little further than the blowfly I, and something that still offers great grip and floppy levels. You've found it in the DGA Blowfly II. Get one of these awesome discs today and lower those scores on the course.

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