Innova Disc Golf

Innova Unity Performance Beanie Disc Golf Hat

You know Innova from their amazing discs, but how about the Innova Unity Performance Beanie Disc Golf Hat? It's designed with the player in mind.

The humble beanie is perfect because it keeps the head warm, and if it gets too warm out it fits into any disc golf bag. This one is woven with a waffle pattern for extra layers so your head stays warm. It's got the Innova logo on the front, so you know it's a high quality product.

You're going to love the price too, at Sabattus Disc Golf we're disc golfers and we like to keep our prices like our scores, low.

We've got some in all the colors Innova offers, Royal Blue, Black, and Gray. You'll find one that matches your outfit no matter what. These are a one size fits all so everyone can wear one. Make sure to get yours soon, as it gets colder these things are going to vanish from our stock. Wear a great Innova Beanie today.