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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Star Polecat Halo 2022 Limited Edition Disc Golf Putter

The Halo Polecat was always meant to be a meme, never an actual disc. When it arrived on April Fool's Day it was the most anticipated putter of 2022. It's the first putter to be made with a halo rim and that will increase the stability of an understable disc.

The Polecat flies quite straight inside about 40 feet. The straight drop down rim catches so much air that the Polecat will drift slowly down into the chains. As a 1 speed it's very easy for any golfer to throw, so it's good for a beginner if they want something to learn disc golf with.

Halo plastic is durable, grippy, and famous for its outer ring of color. It's a great choice for the Polecat because it will last longer than a DX disc.

This April Fools day prank became an internet sensation. If you want to own part of a meme snag one of these. If you're looking for a putter that is great inside 40 feet, but flippy beyond that snag a Halo Polecat. For those who want Polecats for the sole reason of hanging onto walls, check out our wall hangers. More