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Innova Pro Pig Glow 2022 Bradley Williams Tour Series Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova Pro Pig Glow 2022 Bradley Williams Tour Series Disc Golf Putter is a very stable approach disc that is an essential part of your bag. It's a sweet stamp on this disc, featuring a cartoon pig watering their cactus farm in the Southwest. These discs do have glow plastic and may glow faintly in the dark. The lighter the disc color, the more bright it is in the dark.

The flight path of the Pig is a short one. It will throw straight if you give it power, and then for the last 50% of the flight it's going to hyzer. With a low glide rating this disc isn't going to stay in the air for long. Instead of letting the Pig glide gently to the basket, throw it just to the side of the basket and at the exact distance you want it to go. This disc will hit the ground and hop once before coming to rest. It's a staple in the hands of many forehand players of all skill levels. Backhand players can throw it as well, but it was made in mind for the sidearm throw. You can trust the Pig to have the same flight characteristics even in a head wind. It spikes down at the end of the throw, but it won't skip.

Pro plastic from Innova is incredibly grippy, no matter if you have extreme weather conditions or a sunny day. That fits perfectly with what you need to do with the Pig because grip is so important on your technical shots. The plastic does get scuffs easier than some premium blends but those little dings will just help you dig in tighter.

These Pigs aren't just awesome because they help with your approaches. They are a part of the Tour Series and these discs help support Bradley Williams from Team Innova as he tours the US playing disc golf. You get a sweet disc that helps your 150 feet and under shot, and you get to support a disc golfer. It's a win-win! So snag one of these beauties for your bag today.

Speed 3 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Pro Plastic

  • Made of a special blend of plastics that retains flight characteristics.
  • Offers superior glide during flight.
  • Increased durability while remaining economical.
  • Provides great all-weather grip.