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Innova Disc Golf

Innova DX RhynoX Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova DX RhynoX Disc Golf Putter is an overstable approach disc. It's not meant for putting because it doesn't want to glide. This disc is all about getting close to the basket with maximum control.

The flight path of the RhynoX is going to be either straight with a hard fade to finish, or a swooping hyzer the entire time. With a fade of 4 it's meant to be so overstable you won't worry about flipping it. The RhynoX has some differences from the Rhyno. The 2 major differences are the RhynoX is flat on top, and it's beadless. It has a glide of 1, this disc wants to get down after it runs out of steam. The RhynoX is perfect for all your upshots when you need control over distance.

DX Plastic is a quality disc at a low price. It's grippy, and it beats in quickly. Since you're not throwing these discs as hard as you can DX plastic is perfect for approach shots. The little bumps and nicks in the disc will give you additional grip.

If you want some extra control and fade that your Rhynos aren't giving you, and you want a beadless approach disc, then get yourself the RhynoX.

Speed 2 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

DX Plastic

  • Most affordably priced plastic line.
  • Offers remarkable grip in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Breaks in over time creating various flight attributes.
  • Available in the widest range of disc models and weights.