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Axiom Eclipse Envy Disc Golf Putt & Approach

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The Axiom Eclipse Envy Disc Golf Putt & Approach is a stable approach disc with solid glide. It's an in between disc, not overstable for dumping next to the basket, longer floating than a normal putter, and it excels at distances of up to 325 feet.

The flight path of the Eclipse Envy is a slow hyzer flight when released flat. It's got a long slow fade that shows up mid flight. It's an excellent choice for when you need a disc that will bend on the fairway the whole time without skipping off to the side when it's done. The Envy is a favorite of Team MVP James Conrad who used it for the most famous shot in disc golf history. It can hold and anhyzer and pan out instead of flipping over or hyzering out. This disc is a workhorse utility mid that can shot shape.

Eclipse plastic from Axiom/MVP is a glow in the dark plastic that still provides great durability and grip. It's a night and daytime disc, and it's solid in all weather. It will take longer to beat in than some of the softer plastics but it will still retain that stability for a long time.

The Axiom Eclipse fits that whole in your bag when you're not sure if you should throw a putter, but a fairway driver would be too much. It glows in the dark so you can charge it and have great night rounds, and as a 3 speed it can be thrown by everyone from beginners to world champions. Get yourself one of these awesome discs today and see why everyone hypes it up.

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Eclipse Plastic

  • Premium plastic slightly opaque.
  • Super durable and long lasting.
  • Glows in the dark very well.
  • Good grip available in soft plastic.