MVP Proton Plastic

MVP Proton Plastic is a super durable premium blend that's see through. What makes Proton really special is that with its durability, you're going to be throwing this disc for years and years to come. It's perfect for any disc that you may smack with a tree, rock, or metal. Proton plastic is available in many colors, and at this time it's always going to be a solid color until they figure out how to make it cosmic like they have with Neutron, Plasma colors and Electron plastic.

You'll notice that right off the rack Proton plastic will be the stiffest (unless you get a softer putter) and it's going to make this disc the most overstable. That will give this disc the longest life of any MVP plastic. Proton will also come in the heaviest weight, because of the density of the plastic it never gets much below 165 grams.

It's a perfect choice for any discs that you plan on throwing hard, Proton stands up better than any other MVP plastic to the things you'll throw it at. Click on any of these discs and learn more about their flight path today!

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