Innova Fairway Driver Disc Golf

Innova fairway drivers are categorized by speed, this is the first number and it shows you the amount of power you have to put behind the disc. These are discs that have a rating of 7-9 and are great discs for players of every skill level from beginner to pro. These discs can be any plastic and any level of stability. Some are designed to be straight flyers, others always fade, and some are meant to make long S curves or turn the whole way.

Fairway drivers come in all sorts of different weight and plastic combinations, from 130 grams in DX, to 175 grams Champion and everything in between. This allows for a variety of grip and different ways to throw your shots.

New players and folks with lower arm speeds will find that understable fairway drivers give them the best distance. The maximum distance flight that discs have is when they have time to turn and then fade in an S shaped pattern. Sometimes that means throwing a disc with high turn such as the Dragon, Leopard, and Archangel.

Other discs are fairly straight flyers with little turn and fade such as the TL3 and the Teebird family. These can excel in the woods where tight clean lines are more important than distance.

There are overstable discs such as the Eagle are going to fade consistently so players will know exactly what that disc will do every time. Overstable discs tend to be more consistent and less reliant on wind.

If you're looking to improve your golf game watch some "In the bag" videos of pro players from Team Innova and see what they're carrying for fairway driver discs in their bag. 

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