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Innova Champion TeeBird3 Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Innova Champion Teebird3 is a stable disc golf fairway driver. With a slightly flatter flight plate than it's cousin the Teebird, this disc is a point and shoot machine. These discs are excellent in tunnel shots, light winds, and when you're looking for a straighter shot.

The flight path of the Teebird3 is straight with a little bit of glide and then a slight fade at the end of the flight. Since it's a flatter top disc the glide is lessened, make sure you throw the Teebird3 as far as you want it to go. The lower glide means that the hyzer at the end isn't very far. The Teebird3 is a great choice for forehand or backhand throws and is best thrown when you're between 150-300 feet. It's a stable fairway driver so you can release it on a little flex and it will still come back to flat and then straight. This is that slightly stable fairway driver you're looking for on most par 3's where you can't reach with a mid. The Teebird3 is consistent and going to be a point and shoot disc, so you aim right at your target and watch the disc hit it time after time.

Champion plastic from Innova is a premium blend that's known for its durability and stability. It's going to be a little more overstable right out of the box compared to other plastics and take a little longer to beat in but you can have this disc for years. It's a great choice for the Teebird3 because you will be throwing it down gaps and when you clip a tree at high speed you want a disc that will hold the same flight characteristics.

If you want to consistently be producing a stable 250 foot straight low shot the Teebird3 is a great disc for you. It is a higher speed fairway driver so it's meant for players who are a little advanced in skill level. Check out why this disc is so popular on your local course and snag one of these today! More