Discraft Jawbreaker Plastic Disc Golf

Discraft Jawbreaker is often referred to as a rubber blend. It's one of the grippiest plastics on the market. You can grip it with a wet hand, which makes this plastic very unique and perfect for when you're in a tournament and it rains.

It's a very popular plastic for Discraft putters every day of the year. Jawbreaker plastic has been released on putters and mids only so far because it isn't as durable as premium blends. It's not great for high impact of a driver hitting a tree, but it can handle thousands of putts at the basket very well.

Who uses Jawbreaker plastic? None other than 5X World Champion Paul McBeth with his signature Luna, and 5X World Champion Paige Pierce with her signature Fierce.

Jawbreaker grabs the chains with its stickier feel, and it works very well in approach discs. On the overstable to understable scale, Jawbreaker generally makes a disc less overstable than a premium blend. Putt with what works, putt with Jawbreaker. More
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