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Discmania Power Driver Disc Golf

The Discmania Power Driver series is made up of high speed drivers that are ultra resistant to headwind. The flight path for a PD series disc is straight until it runs out of power and then it will fade quickly. If you're looking for an overstable disc for your golf game then look no further than this series.

Currently the line has 3 discs, the PD, PD2, and PDX. Each of these discs has a 0 for turn and a fade of 3 or 4. The point of these discs is to be confident that they never flip over. With speeds of 10-11-12 they're meant for faster arms. The disc will always hyzer out even when thrown on an anhyzer.

The point of the PD series is a mix of high speed power and control. You'll know on the tee pad which direction your disc will finish, the distance is all up to you. The PD's are useful in open fields or when you have to avoid a certain part of the fairway. Sidearm and backhand players will both find that these drivers are comfortable in the hand. The PD2 has the largest rim of the 3 discs.

This series comes in C-Line plastic or S-Line plastic, both of which are premium plastics. If you want extra stability you can get C-line, and the S-Line is slightly more grippy when you compare the two. When looking at weight options they both range on the heavier side because of the type of plastic. The price is a little more expensive than D-Line but that's because of the durability, these discs will last a long time and last many tree hits.

If you want a disc that you can throw true and hard without worrying about flipping over then try out any of these amazing discs!

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