Discmania P-Line Disc Golf

Discmania P line is a grippy and soft blend of plastic. Discs that are made in this plastic tend to be slightly less stable than their D-Line counterparts. This is a popular choice if you're looking for a turnover disc that won't fight back in flight to flip over.

One reason players love this plastic is the feel and the grip of it. If you want to push your thumb into your disc this is the plastic for you! It's available in putter, mid range and driver molds because people who love this plastic really love it. There is a soft P-Line and a Stiff P-Line, the difference is in how gummy the disc is. Stiff P-Line will be a little harder and less easy to press on.

This is not considered premium plastic, because it will have slightly less durability than S-Line plastic. But it's meant to be beat in and become flippy. That's why people love this plastic blend. It will still last years of tree hits, and metal cage hits, and rocks too.

If you're looking for a disc that you can control, one that's floppy and will be a little less stable right off the rack then grab any of these great discs in the P-Line plastic today.

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