Discmania G-Line Disc Golf

Discmania G-Line plastic is the most grippy and flexible of all Discmania disc golf plastics. Discs made in this plastic typically fly like a beat in version of the S-Line or C-Line. The flight characteristics are almost exactly the same, G-Line is just a little more understable. Players who don't want to spend a few months to a year beating in a premium plastic disc for added understable throws can purchase G-Line for a similar effect. You'll get a little more turnover, so more glide for the same amount of speed on your drives.

The G-Line plastic is a durable blend of plastic and it's made with an improved grip for players. If you want to feel your thumb really press into the soft plastic flight plate on a backhand this is the choice for you. G-Line works well in all weather conditions, but when it's hot out know that this plastic can become a little too understable, and in the winter it will stiffen up closer to S-Line.

The benefits to using a disc in this plastic are durability, soft comfortable grip, and the already broken in flight path of the disc. Get a G-Line plastic disc today.