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Discmania Control Driver Disc Golf

The Discmania Control Driver series is all about accurate shots. These discs are in between fairway and high speed drivers, they are designed to be used sidearm or backhand as a middle distance shot.

Not every disc is about maximum distance, the CD2 and CD3 are all about pinpoint precision with your drives. They're about hitting a consistent line every time. The turn and fade are low, with a high glide on this series. You'll find that you can throw these discs fairly hard and with some power without them moving side to side too much. They will still have a straight flight to hyzer finish but it won't be as dramatic as a distance or power driver disc.

These come in 3 different Discmania plastics, the S-Line, G-Line and C-Line plastic. All 3 have different characteristics that you can see when you click on the disc.
The reason a CD2 or CD3 belongs in your bag is because it fills a unique space. These discs are happiest when they're hitting their landing zones. If you want a better disc golf game then get yourself a control driver from Discmania.

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