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Innova GStar Valkyrie Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova GStar Valkyrie is an awesome distance driver that provides players with excellent grip, reliable turn, and strong durability as well. It's a great disc for a player with a slower arm speed or someone who is just getting into the game.

The flight path of the GStar Valkyrie is going to have lots of early turn. When you throw this disc with power it's going to flip over and ride that speed. Then as the disc slowly loses some steam it will flip back to straight and then over to hyzer where it will dump out. Players who are just starting to get their arms up to double digit speed discs will value their valkyrie because it doesn't require as much power to go far. It's perfect for sidearm players and backhand throwers alike.

GStar plastic is some of the most grippy stuff you'll find. It's floppy, durable, and perfect for play in cooler weather. The G stands for grip, so bring this out anytime it's raining for a much better feel. GStar is similar to regular star plastic except it flies a little more like a beat in version. It's excellent for winter play as well because it won't harden and go overstable the way some discs do.

It's perfect for players who want lots of turn, good distance, and great grip. If you're looking for a flippy disc then you've found one here in the GStar Valkyrie from Innova.

Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

GStar Plastic

  • The G stands for Grip, which it certainly delivers.
  • A superior, exceptionally flexible plastic blend.
  • Highly durable and ideal for cold weather.
  • Opaque with a metallic sheen.



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