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Innova GStar Corvette Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova GStar Corvette is a stable high speed driver that's going to fly a little differently than its champion and star counterparts. When thrown flat this disc will have more turn at high speeds than the other plastics. It's great for sidearm or backhand players so no matter how you throw this disc can work for you. It does have a wide rim but that's what you need to keep a disc stable at higher speeds.

GStar plastic is shiny and softer than star. You'll feel the difference immediately in your hand as you press your fingers into the soft plastic. This makes it fly like a beat in disc almost right off the rack. Players who want a little extra turn on their discs will love GStar. The GStar isn't quite the same price as premium plastics because it will beat in and become understable sooner. It's still quite durable if you compare it to dx or xt plastic though so it will be in your bag for years.

The Corvette flies like a dream, it's got so much glide that it almost floats on the air like a putter. The -2,2 Turn and Fade mean that for the most part this disc will end towards the middle of the fairway. It's still got that high speed and distance you need for your disc golf game. With a long flight this disc may quickly be the furthest flying disc in your bag. It comes in the same weight range as star plastic and there are plenty of color options as well. Do yourself a favor and if you're having trouble with turning star plastic get yourself a GStar Corvette!

Speed 14 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

GStar Plastic

  • The G stands for Grip, which it certainly delivers.
  • A superior, exceptionally flexible plastic blend.
  • Highly durable and ideal for cold weather.
  • Opaque with a metallic sheen.