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Innova DX Destroyer Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova DX Destroyer is one of the most popular molds on the market. This disc provides any player with a great blend of control and distance, and the DX plastic is a great price for players to determine whether or not they like this disc.

One amazing thing about this high speed driver is that it's well balanced. Players who choose to throw this disc sidearm will find that the rim isn't too large or deep to flick. Backhand players will find the wing not too wide and easy to grip and rip. When the Destroyer got PDGA approval all the way back in 2007 it was an instant hit. This mold brought together distance and control into one high speed driver. With a -1 turn and a 3 fade this disc takes off with some early turn and then slowly glides forward and fades out. You can rely on the Destroyer to be overstable at the beginning of its life and stable when it's hit enough trees. It's one of the most trusted discs in golf, many Team Innova players bag it as one of their discs.

DX Plastic is the baseline plastic from Innova Champion Discs. It's perfect for trying out a disc to see if you like the mold. It's got good grip and is the most varied in weight. A DX disc can be as low as 145 grams and up to 175 grams.

So why should you throw a DX Destroyer? There's plenty of weights to choose from, it's reliable even in windy conditions, and it flies far. So get yourself a DX Destroyer today and go tear up those courses!

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

DX Plastic

  • Most affordably priced plastic line.
  • Offers remarkable grip in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Breaks in over time creating various flight attributes.
  • Available in the widest range of disc models and weights.