MVP Neutron Plastic

MVP Neutron Plastic is a premium blend that offers great durability and solid grip. It's the choice of players from beginners all the way up to world champions. Neutron plastic is available in a wide variety of weights and in very bold and vibrant colors. You can rely on discs in this plastic to be consistent from one throw to the next. That's why it's a favorite of touring pros, who know that their Neutron discs will fly the same each course they go to.

It's a premium blend, so it does cost more than the baseline plastic. But you know that it will last significantly longer in your bag before it gets flippy. Folks often compare this to star plastic from Innova, S-Line from Discmania, or ESP from Discraft. It's very similar and you can expect a similar high quality.

A Neutron disc will utilize gyro technology from MVP. This overmold disc is made of Neutron plastic on the flight plate and another denser material for the black rim. That gives a disc more stable flight and a longer glide.

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