MVP Midrange

This collection is MVP Midrange discs that we sell here at Sabattus Disc Golf. You can recognize an MVP Midrange right away by the black rim on the outside of the disc. That rim holds denser material to make it heaver and give these discs a gyroscopic effect. That will make the disc have added stability and will lead to a longer flight.

MVP makes some amazing mids. They've got understable ones, stable, and overstable. With more coming out every year!

These discs come in electron, neutron, proton, essence, and plasma plastics. So you should be able to find almost every color, weight, and in the plastic you're looking for.

We look to keep the prices low here a SDG because we're disc golfers too. So we know that you're out there chucking plastic and getting it beat in and occasionally losing it just like we do.

Click on any of the discs and you can learn more about the flight path and the plastic it comes in. Good luck!

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