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MVP Eclipse Plastic

MVP Eclipse Plastic is popular for two big reasons. It's one of the brightest glow in the dark plastics in the game, and it's durable. You're going to find that while discs in this plastic perform well in the dark, they're also great for daylight rounds. It's a little extra flexible plastic that's slightly see through, but not as stiff or clear as proton plastic.

You can throw these glow discs anywhere, anytime. If you're playing at night just charge them up with a flashlight in between holes. Eclipse plastic really crushes no matter where you throw it.

The durability isn't a question either, these discs can withstand the same amount of tree and rock hits as other premium blends. It's a favorite of players at all skill levels and made for all courses. If you're thinking about giving MVP/Axiom a try and are looking for a plastic that works well no matter what then this is the choice for you.

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