MVP Cosmic Neutron Plastic

MVP Cosmic Neutron Plastic is that durable premium blend that you love with an extra burst of color. Neutron plastic is widely chosen by MVP pros for its great flight, extra grip, and awesome durability. You'll love that each of these discs are unique with their color swirls and they look incredible. Discs in this plastic have the standard MVP gyro overmold technology. There's extra weight in the rim to stabilize it and offer longer glide for a further flying disc. Cosmic Neutron plastic is sure to be a staple in your bag if you like discs designed for distance, power, and excellent colors.

At Sabattus Disc Golf we work to keep the price low on premium blends because we're disc golfers as well. You should find that all the disc golf discs even in the swirly premium blends are available here for a lower cost than most places.

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