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Innova Putt - Putt & Approach Disc Golf

Innova has a wide variety of putt and approach discs. The Aviar was the first Innova putter approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association back in 1984 and it's still one of their most popular molds today. All other putters and approach discs branched out of the Aviar.
The point of your putter is to fly in a straight and predictable pattern so it goes into the basket. Innova makes plenty of amazing putters like the Aviar, Whale, and Birdie. They often come in a variety of plastic choices so you can get a disc that perfectly fits your hand. The approach disc is for getting close to the basket and short shots. This can be with overstable discs such as the Innova Rat or Innova Bullfrog. Then there are understable discs such as the Mirage for turnover shots as well. Other approach discs like the Dart and the Nova are meant to fly straight.
With 30+ different plastic and disc mold variations (and they're always making more) you're sure to find something you need for your bag.
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