Innova Metal Flake Disc Golf

Innova Champion Metal flake discs are a beauty to behold and even more amazing to throw. The plastic is champion, so it's the high quality you're used to. However Innova has added an additional look of beauty to your disc, they've incorporated shiny flecks of metal that sparkle, catch the sun, and reflect its light.

Champion plastic is already the most overstable and premium of all the plastics offered by Innova, but Metal Flake tends to be even more overstable. If you want a disc that's not going to flip, or want something that will keep its strong fade for a long time you can get a metal flake disc. Champion plastic is great for durability, grip, and consistent flight patterns. There's a reason that so many players bag a few champ drivers. Metal flake is all those with the benefits of extra stability and awesome flakes. Champion plastic is a premium plastic that's even more durable than star or pro plastic. This plastic is popular with players of all skill levels from amateur to professional , it's all about the flight of the disc. One of the most popular molds is the metal flake destroyer. Players will want to have this disc maintain a long fade for years with this disc even after it hits trees. 

Metal Flake discs come in the same medium weight to heavy weights that you're used to from champion plastic. If you want something that will be stable and beefy for the entire life of the disc, check out a metal flake!


  • High quality plastic which provides superior durability and reliable performance
  • Firmness suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
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