Innova Glow Disc Golf

Innova Glow plastic is actually a combination of many different types of plastic. Innova glow can refer to a DX plastic that's popular in starter sets, or premium blends such as champion plastic which can be white or colored, it can go in numerous kinds of plastics. When a disc is white it will tend to glow much brighter than a color glow disc.

Glow doesn't usually affect the flight of the disc, glow champion is slightly more flexible and a little less stable than regular champion plastic. The grip will be a little more slick but the durability is exactly the same. Glow discs come in all different molds and blends of plastic the only common thread is the glow in the dark. Color glow will tend to be just as firm and feel the same as other champion discs.

Glow discs are useful for those rounds when you're starting later than anticipated and want to finish despite the fading light. These discs can be charged by the sun or by your flashlight as well. Or if you're feeling like playing a night round of disc golf then these are absolutely the discs you want, so you can find your drive in the dark. If you're looking to start playing golf in the dark these are absolutely what you want to play with.

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