Discraft Paige Pierce Disc Golf

This is a collection of Discraft discs that are all part of 5x World Champion Paige Pierce's signature series. Paige is known for her incredible distance, her amazing putting, and her tenacity on the course as a competitor. These discs also show the love from her family, her father has a ghost stamp quote on some of the back of these discs.

Paige joined Team Discraft at the end of 2019 after being with other companies for a number of years. Paige Pierce is an incredible disc golfer and she's now had her own say in a disc, the Fierce. She's currently got a Fierce, Sol, Undertaker, Stalker, and Nuke in her 5x collection. We're excited to carry this line of discs because it helps Paige as she tours all over the globe playing disc golf. A portion of the money used to buy these discs goes to Paige so you can help her tour and get an amazing disc in the process.

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