Axiom Plasma Plastic

Axiom Plasma Plastic is a premium blend that's durable and a choice that will last you for years. Discs in Plasma plastic are noted for their amazing bright color and sheen, the slightly grippier plastic, and that it has a little more flex in the plastic when compared to other premium blends like Neutron and Proton plastic.

It of course has the gyro technology which MVP and Axiom are famous for. The outer ring on the disc weighs more and provides additional stability. This will add the gyroscopic effect to the flight of the disc and help it carry further and more straight. The outer ring on Axiom discs also is often a different color from the flight plate. You can get some really great color combinations.

The grip is a little different with plasma plastic, it's softer so you can depress your thumb more heavily into the disc. As the weather cools and other premium blends become stiff and too overstable, plasma will be a great choice because it won't be as stiff.

You can rely on any driver, mid, or putter in this plastic to be around for a number of years. The feel of the disc won't change, it's still going to have that excellent soft flexibility that you love. Click on any of these discs in this collection and find out more about their flight paths and anything else you'd like to know about them. At SDG we work hard to keep the price low for you folks, we play too so we know you want good discs at a reasonable cost.