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Axiom Electron Plastic

Electron Plastic is the baseline plastic from MVP and Axiom. It's the least expensive for a reason, it beats in quickly but very well. It's a common choice for putters and mid range discs even for the pros. For a driver it will be perfect for a long slow turnover disc. What separates Axiom discs is the color of the rim, it can be vibrant and many different colors instead of black.

What makes Electron Plastic special is that it comes in 3 different firmness levels. Soft, Medium, and Firm are all choices. Some players like a stiff putter and others prefer the floppy soft ones. Axiom makes it so that you don't have to buy a hard one and work it in for 6 months to make it soft. This is unique to the company and lots of players enjoy having the different stiffness levels.

Electron plastic is available in a number of colors and weights. It's versatile and you can basically get any color combination and weight that you're looking for. It's got a softer and tackier feel than other baseline plastics, so it won't be as slippery even when wet.

At Sabattus Disc Golf we try our best to keep the prices low, especially for baseline plastics. We're disc golfers too and know that you're trying to get all the flight you can out of these discs.

The baseline plastics tend to be the least overstable right out of the box, so if you have a premium blend that's the same mold you'll find that the flight is slightly different.