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Axiom Distance Drivers

Axiom Distance Drivers are perfect for when you're looking to throw 250+ feet with accuracy and for long distance. These discs are distinct with their brightly colored rims and often different colored flight plates.

The two parts of the disc give it extra stability, and utilize the gyroscopic effect to help give it a longer flight.

Axiom distance drivers come in a number of different plastics. Neutron and Proton are both premium blends, designed to withstand tree hits and provide great stability. Electron and other plastics offer great grip and a variety of weight.

An Axiom driver is a great disc if you're looking for something that's precise and accurate. You'll find a great assortment of discs that flip, stay straight, or are great for Hyzers. This is a collection of all the Axiom distance drivers we have at Sabattus Disc Golf, click on any of them to find out information about that specific disc. Go get some birdies!

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