MVP Fairway Drivers

MVP Fairway Drivers are discs in the 6-8 speed category from Maple Valley Plastics, a company famous for their overmold technology that has a black outer rim on their discs. MVP discs have that outer rim made of a heavier material to give the discs a gyroscopic stability in flight. This allows the disc to have more glide and potentially fly further. It also makes getting the disc up to speed a little harder, so fairway drivers are a great place to start your MVP journey.

These discs come in a variety of weights, colors, plastics, and overstable,stable, and understable. Click on any of these discs to learn more about them! At Sabattus Disc Golf we work hard to make sure that our prices low because we're disc golfers too. We know that you want to chuck this plastic so we keep it affordable.

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