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Innova Mid-Range Disc Golf

The distinguishing feature of a midrange disc is that the speed is a 4 or a 5 on the four number flight rating system.  This tells you how fast a disc must be thrown to achieve the optimal flight. 

Innova produces over 20 mid-range disc golf discs in everything from base plastic such as DX to premium plastic like star or champion.  The mid-range discs are an important part of every bag, and a player should have at least 3 different discs for mid-ranges in their bag.  An overstable, stable, and an understable mid-range disc belongs in every players bag so they can answer any difficult lie they encounter on the course.  Mid-range discs are necessary for controlled shots and for accuracy that a distance or fairway driver cannot provide, while still providing distance that putters don't have.  Innova produces some of the top discs that players of any skill level and throwing motion can enjoy and throw with confidence.  Whether you're a forehand or backhand player you'll find an Innova disc that suits your game well. Innova has been making mid-ranges like the roc and the shark for 30 years.  But they're always coming out with new molds like the XT Atlas or the Star Croc to give players the best results in their game.  The stock stamp discs range at a price between 7.49 and 14.49, with special foils sometimes costing more.  So if you're looking for the perfect addition to your bag, something that's going to lower those disc golf scores, look no further than the Innova Mid-Range collection

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