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TSA Ethos Mantra "Geisha 2.0" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The ThoughtSpace Athletics Ethos Mantra "Geisha" is an understable disc golf fairway driver with high glide. It's a great choice for those long turnover shots, rollers, hyzer flips, and anytime you need something that moves on an anhyzer flight. It's a great beginner disc, and it can be thrown by pros as well. The Geisha stamp features a face split in half with flowers and a human figure on the side of the disc. TSA continues to kill it with the stamp game, these discs are art.

The flight path of the Mantra is going to be very understable. With a high glide rating you can expect it to carry for a long time as well. What makes this driver great is how it keeps turning the whole flight. Give it a little height and power and you can have something turns but doesn't flip over. The Mantra will be an S curve disc for players who have less than 250 feet of distance. Advanced players can hyzer flip this disc, or turn it into a roller when they need it. The Mantra won't be your maximum distance driver, but the unique shot shape ability of the disc is excellent.

Ethos plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend that's clear and very durable. It's going to maintain the same flight characteristics even after you hit a few trees and rocks with it. This is the most stable of the plastics as well, so it may not be as flippy as the Ethereal or Aura Mantras.

The Mantra is an easy forehand or backhand choice if you're looking for something that's understable. It's going to be in the air a long time and you'll be able to control it for those understable lines. Snag one of these and throw it or hang it on the wall. They're awesome.