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Innova DX Teebird3 Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Innova DX TeeBird3 is an excellent disc for players wanting a fast, controllable fairway driver they can rely on. As a sleeker, faster version of the ever popular TeeBird, it also sports a flatter top. As a target specific fairway driver, the TeeBird3 will go right where you want it to go. The DX Plastic makes this a super-grippy, affordable option that's perfect for cold weather grip. 

Speed 8 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

DX Plastic

  • Most affordably priced plastic line.
  • Offers remarkable grip in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Breaks in over time creating various flight attributes.
  • Available in the widest range of disc models and weights.