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Discmania Evolution Neo Splice Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Discmania Evolution Neo Splice is a disc golf fairway driver that has a very overstable flight path with little glide. It's a control disc that won't be for max distance, but will always fade no matter if you throw a forehand or backhand, and even into a strong headwind.

The flight path of the Splice is very stable with no turn and a quick trip to the ground because of the low glide. The Splice is accurate and consistent which is why you'll see pros throwing it on tour. You can crush the Splice as hard as you want on a flex shot and it will still find a way to hyzer and fade out. Where this disc excels is in the woods when you need a very tight line, or when you're trying to avoid one side of a fairway. The Splice handles spike hyzers very well and instead of gliding will be more straight up and down. It's a good forehand roller disc and for overall utility it's one of the best discs that Discmania makes. The Splice is made for advanced players who are throwing 300+ feet consistently.

Evolution Neo plastic from Discmania is in partnership with Latitude 64 and it's a premium blend . It's highly durable, so don't worry about hitting a tree or rock with the Splice. It's important for this disc to maintain its stability for a long time even if you have a few errant throws. It's what you'll see Team Discmania pros throwing because they can trust it week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

The Splice is predictable, very overstable, and handles your sidearm or backhand power throws while still fading back. See why everyone is clamoring to get their hands on this plastic.

Speed 9 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Neo Plastic

  • Plastic that is semi-translucent.
  • Premium plastic designed solely with the player in mind.
  • Rigid enough to hold up in all temperatures.
  • Has enough flex to provide a comfortable grip.