DGA Traverse Lite (TRVRS LT) Backpack Disc Golf Bag

DGA Traverse Lite (TRVRS LT) Backpack Disc Golf Bag

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Product Description

The TRVRS LT Disc Golf Bag from DGA is an affordable bag that's got a lot of character. It's a big upgrade from the DGA starter bag or any starter bag and it's an entry into the backpack world.

It holds up to 20+discs (depending on how many drivers versus putters or mids you throw).

You get the side netting pocket that's perfect for your go to disc or somewhere to store that just in case raincoat.

The zippers have a rubber coating on them so they're not slippery if you choose to play a round when some liquid sunshine is falling.

The two zippered side pockets are perfect places to hold your cell phone, wallet, keys, anything valuable you don't want to search for after your round is over.

The two big zippered pockets on top are perfect for stacking your putters, go to approach discs, go to drivers, or snacks for easy access.

The adjustable side buckle is awesome because you can fit your umbrella, stool, disc retriever, or something else into that as long as it fits into the drink holder bottom.

It has a grippy, flat, and rubber bottom. So don't expect this to topple over.

It's durable, affordable, and carry's plenty of discs. The TRVRS LT is a bag that won't hurt the wallet and it will last a long time. It's small enough to be used by smaller individuals and it's big enough to hold enough discs no matter which course you play.

This bag looks sweet and you can get something to really accentuate your style. Make sure you check out the DGA TRVRS LT disc golf bag today.

1 Review
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