Discraft Jawbreaker Meteor Tour Series LE 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Midrange

The Discraft Jawbreaker Meteor Tour Series LE 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Midrange is an understable disc that can a workhorse in any players bag. This disc will hold whatever line you put it on, making it useful in any non max distance related situation. The plastic will have unique swirl patterns in each one.

The flight path of the Meteor is very smooth and glidey. Thrown flat this disc will slowly turn for most of the flight, before a gentle fade out at the end. You can throw this disc on a hard hyzer and it will hold that shot shape throughout the flight. The same can be said if thrown on anhyzer, it will hold that line the entire time. It's great at low speeds, so anyone can throw this disc. It is perfect if you're looking for a single disc to use during a round. If you're looking for a disc to throw backhand that goes the opposite direction of most discs, you've found it.

Jawbreaker plastic is the super grippy blend of plastic from Discraft. The main draw to this plastic is that you're getting excellent grip even in wet conditions. It's also great because it beats in quickly, so this Meteor will have extra turn in the flight early on.

These are limited edition discs. They are part of the 2021 Ledgestone Series, which supports the 2021 Ledgestone Open tournament. It's a must play tournament for players on tour. The Ledgestone always boasts a huge prize purse and it's built buy players like you. Some of the money used purchasing this disc will go back to that prize pool for players who win in the tournament. You get an awesome mid that can do whatever you want, they get a few extra dollars. It's a win-win!

So get yourself a Limited Edition Ledgestone Series 2021 Jawbreaker Meteor while you can. When these discs are gone, they're gone for good.

Speed 4 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating -0.5


  • Grippiest plastic Discraft offers
  • Each disc has unique dots
  • Beats in quickly