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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Electron Atom Medium Disc Golf Putt & Approach

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The MVP Electron Atom Medium Disc Golf Putt & Approach is a perfect choice to bang chains with. It's stable to slightly understable and an incredibly straight flyer when thrown for a driving or upshot putter.

The flight path of the Atom when you're putting with it is straight. Don't plan for a lot of hyzer into the basket, it's not designed for that. At 30 feet it's a very straight into the basket disc. If you're using the Atom as an approach disc or a driving putter it's a very long straight flight. These discs will hold an anhyzer well and take straight well, they'll flip up if thrown on hyzer. So choose a more stable disc if that's your goal. The Atom when thrown flat will have a very small fade at the end of the flight. This disc is a great choice for those tunnel shots or if you need good glide on a disc.

Electron Medium plastic is the original Electron plastic from MVP. It comes in firm and soft as well, but medium is a great place for your Atom to be. It's going to have amazing grip and it is available in a variety of weights. You can throw it and know that over time it will become less stable, giving you a great turnover disc.

The Atom is a great putting putter. It has a neutral flight that will ring up birdies. As a throwing putter it excels at long straight shots with glide or turnovers. Make sure you have one of these amazing discs in your bag today!

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Electron Plastic

  • Baseline plastic from MVP lowest cost.
  • Very tacky and easy to grip.
  • Beats in well, most understable plastic.
  • Comes in three different stiffness’s.