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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Neutron Matrix Disc Golf Midrange

The MVP Neutron Matrix Disc Golf Midrange is a stable disc that you can use for a straight flight with confidence. It was designed with all skill levels and arm speeds in mind.

The flight path of the MVP Matrix is going to be straight with a little bit of turn early in the flight. After the turn it continues straight before fading out at the end. For the folks with higher arm speeds this disc will hold a straighter flat line, and not get much glide. It's a great disc for when you've got low ceiling or when you want to point and shoot at your landing zone. For folks with slower arms they can count on a disc that won't immediately hyzer and still get good distance with a slow hyzer finish. The Matrix has a glide rating of 4 so it won't have as long of a fade, look for a forward skip instead of a sideways skip when it hits the ground.

Neutron plastic from MVP is a premium blend. You can rely on it just the way MVP touring pros do every single week in their tournaments. It's durable and comes in a variety of weights and colors. With MVP discs you're always getting that solid black outer ring that holds up well when it hits trees, metal, or rocks.

If you're looking for an awesome disc that you can rely on for those mid shots, something that's stable/slightly overstable for slow arms, and a disc that will last a long time, you've found it. Snag one of these beauties today!

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 2

Neutron Plastic

  • Premium plastic from MVP premium cost.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Takes time to beat in.
  • The choice of pro players for consistency.