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MVP Electron Nomad Soft James Conrad Special Edition Disc Golf Putter

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The MVP Electron Nomad Soft James Conrad Edition Disc Golf Putter is here and it's awesome. James won the 2021 World Championship in the most dramatic fashion. He and MVP have come out with a special disc, the Nomad. It's stamp is designed by James and MVP Art Director Mike Inscho. They explore the wild majesty that is the arches in Utah. It's got a stamp that combines science and nature so that you can throw something that a world champion wants. The black outer rim will have the James Conrad name on the outside. There is a small bead on the outer rim, but a flat spot perfect for that index finger to stabilize your disc.

The Nomad's got a high glide rating for a putter. At 4 it's the highest glide, and that's because James Conrad is one of if not the best putter thrower in the world. With a 0 turn and 1 fade it's a slowly stable disc. It's designed for putting, and it's a straight flyer up to about 40-50 feet. After that you'll need to start adding more hyzer to get the disc to get it there. The Nomad can be your go to putter that you can rely on whenever you're near the basket. It's a great disc to really stick to the chains or be a long straight upshot disc if that's your style. It's great for holding long floating hyzer or anhyzer shots.

Electron soft plastic from MVP is the baseline plastic that you love for extreme grip, but it's also a little more soft than firm or medium electron. This will give you more space to depress your thumb in when you hold it. It will also be a little less overstable in the winter months than other plastics. In the summer this will be hot and floppy, perfect for a little extra anhyzer.

The MVP Electron Soft Nomad is an amazing putter. It's perfect for hitting those chains and sticking, and for getting those long upshots. And it helps support World Champion James Conrad as he continues to tour and throw putters all around the world. Snag one of these amazing discs today.

Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Electron Plastic

  • Baseline plastic from MVP lowest cost.
  • Very tacky and easy to grip.
  • Beats in well, most understable plastic.
  • Comes in three different stiffness’s.