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MVP Electron Nomad Medium James Conrad Edition Disc Golf Putter

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The MVP Electron Nomad Medium James Conrad Edition Disc Golf Putter is a disc designed with the 2021 World Champion. It's a very glidey putter that's excellent for hunting chains. The latitude and longitude coordinates on the disc feature the Arches Park in Utah, something that holds a special place in James Conrad's heart as he won worlds in Utah and loves the beauty of the arches.

The flight path of the Nomad is lots of straight glide. As a 2 speed it's easy to throw for anyone from beginners to world champions. When thrown for a drive or an upshot you can anticipate lots of forward carry. It's a great choice as a putting putter, but it can be used with confidence in the 75-250 foot range off the tee or as an upshot disc. It holds whatever line you put it on, whether that's straight, hyzer, or anhyzer. It's primarily a backhand disc, but it could be useful for touch forehands in the woods as well.

Electron plastic from MVP is their baseline plastic. It beats in well, has a very tacky feel, and is great for staying when it hits the chains. The baseline plastic discs cost the least because they're the least durable. But they can become turnover discs more quickly and still have years of life in them. The Nomad can start out as a putting disc and then work its way in as your turnover specialty disc. These discs are the medium firm Electron, so they're not super stiff or floppy, they're just right.

Another excellent thing about this disc is that it helps support 2021 MPO World Champion James Conrad as he continues to travel around the world playing disc golf. So if you're looking for a disc that can hold any line, has lots of glide, and supports a fellow disc golfer, you've found it! Snag one of these awesome discs today!

Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Electron Plastic

  • Baseline plastic from MVP lowest cost.
  • Very tacky and easy to grip.
  • Beats in well, most understable plastic.
  • Comes in three different stiffness’s.