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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Eclipse Reactor 2021 Elaine King Signature Series Disc Golf Midrange

The MVP Eclipse Reactor 2021 Elaine King Signature Series Disc Golf Midrange is a stable midrange that's got excellent glide and offers players good distance. This special disc also glows in the dark! You can charge it up with your flashlight and use it for any night round. This is the tour disc for 5X World Champion Elaine King.

The flight path of the Reactor is a little turn early with lots of forward glide. You can power up and throw this disc flat knowing that it's going to have a long hyzer finish. It will make a slight S curve when thrown at full power. This is an excellent choice for any shot in between 70 and 300 feet. The Reactor thrives in controlled distance situations. With a glide rating of 5 you know that it will come down slowly so you can anticipate a longer fade than other discs. This disc is an excellent choice for forehand players or backhand players who are looking to add a little finesse to their game.

Eclipse plastic from MVP is a premium glow in the dark blend. It's got that durable sticky blend you're used to and now it's full of glow. This plastic is designed with the night player in mind. Shine your light on it and you'll have a supreme glow disc that you can find easily. It's great for day rounds as well, where it will fly exactly the same.

The Reactor from MVP is an amazing mid with good stability. It's an overmold disc with a white rim that you'll love, and you can rely on day or night, or in any weather. Give the MVP Eclipse Reactor 2021 Elaine King Signature mid a shot today!

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn -0.5 | Fade 1.5

Eclipse Plastic

  • Premium plastic slightly opaque.
  • Super durable and long lasting.
  • Glows in the dark very well.
  • Good grip available in soft plastic.