MVP Eclipse Nano Disc Golf Mini Marker

MVP Eclipse Nano Disc Golf Mini Marker

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Flight path

Release angle

flight image

The illustrated disc flight line is based on the manufacturer field testing results, during its development process. So, to level the playing field we chose to put a different spin on things for such visual illustrations. Sticking to the manufacturer's test results will offer you a good baseline for how that particular disc will fly.

Product Description

The Eclipse Nano Mini Marker from MVP is super cool because just like the Eclipse plastic discs you throw, it also glows in the dark! These mini discs are a little bit extra in price but it's worth it for a mini you can throw in the dark and not lose.

They're perfect for your next PDGA event when you need to mark your lie, or at random dubs for your entry. Minis have a special place in disc golf, and you can snag one of these cool discs for yourself.

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