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Innova R-Pro Wahoo Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova R Pro Wahoo is a high speed driver that you can throw over water with no fears, because it floats! It's an understable distance driver that players will love for the extreme grip and safety it provides.

This disc can be thrown sidearm or backhand so your style of play shouldn't matter with this disc. It's got a wide rim and a big dome. This contributes to the excellent glide in the disc. The flight of the Wahoo is going to be an S curve shape. It will turn early in the flight and gradually fade out at the end. Over time this disc will beat in and become understable and turn into a fantastic roller disc. 

R-Pro plastic can sometimes vary between stiffer and softer. It's incredibly grippy no matter what kind of weather you're in. These are a softer plastic, they're susceptible to tree hits but are perfect for floating on the water. They're a really great price too. Especially when you consider that if you throw the Wahoo into the water you can get it back, unlike most other discs.

So if you want a disc that floats on water, gets good turnover early in the flight, and is a high speed driver so you can clear the water, check out an R Pro Wahoo from Innova Champion Discs.

Speed 12 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

R-Pro Plastic

  • Best performance in all ranges of weather including the cold.
  • The rubber blend provides plastic with maximum grip.
  • Softest feeling plastic in the hand.
  • The more flexible blend absorbs impacts well.