Innova Peace Patch Disc Golf Accessories

Innova Peace Patch Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

Unleash the Rainbow: Innova Disc Golf Patch

Get ready to embrace the vibrant and joyful spirit of disc golf with our Innova Disc Golf Patch in rainbow colors. Featuring a unique twist, the "V" in Innova forms two fingers making a peace sign, a symbol of unity and harmony on and off the course.

Product Specs:

Dimensions: 3" x 1"

  • Application Methods: Heat seal, Iron-on, or Sewing
  • Radiant Rainbow: The rainbow hues on this patch symbolize the diversity and fun that make disc golf such an inclusive and enjoyable sport.

Peaceful Style: The peace sign within the "V" adds a touch of tranquility to your look, making a statement about the positive vibes of disc golf.

Easy Customization: Whether you're hitting the course or hanging out, this patch can be applied effortlessly. Choose between heat seal, iron-on, or sewing to make it uniquely yours.

Let your gear reflect your love for disc golf, inclusivity, and positivity. Add the Innova Disc Golf Patch to your collection and spread the good vibes wherever you go!

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