Innova Disc Golf

Innova Champion Mystere Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Champion Mystere is an amazing distance driver that's got great glide. One of the reasons that players choose the Mystere is the lower speed but maximum glide which allows slower arms to get elite distance.

The flight path of the Champion Mystere is early turn followed by lots of forward glide and late fade. One of the cool things about the Mystere is that when it's thrown a little softer it still fights to turn and ends up flying straight. This is an amazing disc if you're looking for something you can throw low and have go straight. Use the Mystere when you need to get under branches and still carry for distance. One cool thing is this disc is perfect for backhand or forehand shots. It's comparable to discs like the Tern, but with less speed so it's perfect for people who don't quite have the power to throw 12 speeds. Have a nice smooth release with the Mystere and there won't be any mysteries about where that disc will go for you.

Champion Plastic is a premium plastic from Innova. It's great because it's durable and available at a great price here at Sabattus Disc Golf. It's going to hold its flight path better than star plastic after you've played with it for a long time. Generally Champion plastic tends to be a heavier weight.

If you want drives you'll love, and a disc that you can rely on for straight, low distance shots. Then get yourself a Champion Mystere today!

Speed 11 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Champion Plastic

  • Hi-tech plastic that provides superior performance.
  • Provides ultimate durability in a translucent plastic.
  • Holds the disc's original flight characteristics exceptionally well over time.