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Innova Burst Logo Dewfly Disc Golf Towel

Innova Burst Logo Dewfly Disc Golf Towel

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Experience the Evolution of Disc Golf Towels with the Dew Fly! – Your Perfect Companion for Sweaty Hands and Disc Care!

Looking for the best disc golf towel for sweaty hands and a top-notch option to keep your discs in top shape? Look no further! The Dew Fly has been redesigned with their new Burst logo to meet all your needs.

Unmatched Absorbency:
Innova's Dew Fly disc golf towel is crafted from soft and ultra-absorbent micro-suede material. Say goodbye to slippery grips caused by sweaty hands – this towel will keep your hands dry and cleaning your prized discs, this towel does it all with finesse.

Big on Size:
Innova has taken size seriously! The DewFly towel is a whopping 17" square, giving you an extra 120 square inches of towel from their older version, all for the same low price. That's more towel to handle the toughest situations on the course.

The Best of Both Worlds:
The DewFly combines the cling-free texture of the Super Shammy with the incredible absorption of the FlyDry. It offers superior wicking, ensuring your hands stay dry, and a natural feeling texture.

A Must-Have in Your Bag:
Aside from your discs, a high-quality towel is perhaps the most crucial item in your bag. The Innova Dew Fly towel is super absorbent and compact, ensuring it keeps your discs dry without hogging precious space.

Upgrade your disc golf game with the best disc golf towel for sweaty hands and disc cleaning. Get the Dew Fly today and experience the difference!

Material: Soft & absorbent micro-suede.

  • Built-in loop for easy attachment to your bag.
  • Extra durable material.
  • Size: 17" X 17" for maximum coverage
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